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Trontek Batteries

Trontek batteries

Founded in 2000, Trontek has emerged as a reputed player to become one of India's premier importer and distributor of certified leaded electronic components with a wide range of products that includes Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes and Batteries. Our (OEM) customers all over India benefit from our relentless effort in launching new electronic products through a well established and dedicated sales channel present in all metropolitan cities and various other parts of the country. Trontek is committed to introduce Quality World Class new products and Superior Service at competitive prices.

To meet the ever growing demands of customer quality, we are totally focused on procuring material from principals/manufacturers who have established a benchmark for themselves globally. Based on our knowledge and expertise in the field, we select our principals who have a proven track record of innovation in designs that impacts our lives daily. Some of our principals are global suppliers to the following mentioned reputed organizations.*

*We are offering a wide array of best UPS batteries that are maintenance free and are long durable in service. You will find high-rate, sealed, non-spillable Tontek batteries designed for UPS applications. At Trontek, we offer the broad range of batteries for every kind of need. As a world class store and the reputed importers and distributors Delhi, India, we stock the best quality UPS batteries that will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase. We build each UPS battery for mission-critical UPS applications and all our products feature a 12-month warranty.

Great features and benefits are added with our batteries to choose from. Some of them include the following:

  • Since it uses Oxygen recombination technology, it is maintenance free and lasting for a long period of time.
  • Features less self-discharging and less gassing as its plate grids are equipped with PbCaSn alloy.
  • Equipped with superior quality AGM separator that extends life cycle and keeps UPS batteries from occurring micro short circuit.
  • Battery container is added with ABS material so as to increase its strength however, this flame-retardant ABS is optional.
  • Each UPS battery at Trontek ensures low self discharging rate as it is made of high purity raw materials.
  • Brass insert terminals, silver coated T1 and T2 copper terminals and lead terminals are employed to increase the electric conductivity.

Trontek products have defining factors to distinguish from similar competitive brands.*


  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS),
  • Emergency backup power supply, Emergency Light, Railway signal.
  • Alarm & Security System, Electronic apparatus and equipment,
  • Telecom power supply, DC power supply
  • Weighing Scales


Model Nominal Voltage 20Hr 1.80V/cell 10Hr 1.80V/cell 5Hr 1.75V/cell 1Hr 1.60V/cell Length Width Height Total Height Approx Height Terminal Type
6V 4.5 Ah 6 4 3.72 3.4 2.51 70 47 100 106 0.69 T1
6V 5 Ah 6 4.5 4.19 3.83 2.83 70 47 101 106 0.81 T1
6V 10 Ah 6 10 9.3 8.5 6.28 151 51 94 100 1.68 T1/T2
12V 7.2 Ah 12 6.5 6.05 5.53 4.08 151 64.5 94.5 100 2.06 T1/T2
12V 7.5 Ah 12 7 6.51 5.95 4.4 151 64.5 94.5 100 2.18 T1/T2
12V 7.6 Ah 12 7.2 6.7 6.12 4.52 151 65 94.5 100 2.36 T1/T2
12V 8 Ah 12 7.5 6.98 6.38 4.71 151 65 94.5 100 2.45 T1/T2
12V 9 Ah 12 7.8 7.25 6.63 4.9            


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