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Hi-Power Batteries

Hi-Power batteries

Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 1980 by Late Sri S R Pillai, a visionary who was able to foresee the surging secondary storage power requirement in the coming decades. Southern Batteries is engaged in the manufacture of Lead Acid Tubular Batteries, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries, Flat Plate Batteries, Traction Batteries and Automotive Batteries under the brand name "Hi-Power".

The company manufactures a wide range of batteries from 20 - 2000Ah in 2V cells, 20 - 240 Ah in 12V Monoblock PP/HR, 10V, 8V and 6V ranges. Keeping pace with the market requirement and potential the company set up another state of the art manufacturing facility in Jigani, Bangalore and further expansion plans are in place. The Company has established a prominent share in the Solar, Railways, Telecommunication, UPS & Inverters, Power plant and other industrial application in the last 30 years.

The Company has ventured into retail market segment and has nationwide presence through a network of branch offices and channel partners. The Company focuses on being a responsible corporate citizen through active participation in solar power projects and also working with electric vehicles manufacturers.

Commitment to quality, consistency, innovation and service is taking the Company through a steady growth in the competitive market. The Company is ISO certified.*


Battery Type Length Width Overall Height Rated Capacity @ 20Hr Terminal Type Weight (kg)
12V - 7.5 Ah 152 66 101.00 7.5 F2 Tab 2.55
12V - 18 Ah 181 77.50 167.00 18 M5 Flag 6.00
12V - 24 Ah 166 125.00 175.00 24 M5 Flag 8.00
12V - 40 Ah 197 165.00 171.00 40 M6 Flag 13.00
12V - 65 Ah 350 165.00 197.00 65 M6 Flag 20.50
12V - 75 Ah 260 168.00 223.00 75 M6 Flag 22.80
12V - 100 Ah 330 173.00 240.00 100 M8 Flag 31.20
12V - 120Ah 408 173.00 238.00 120 M8 Flag 36.80


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